eJournal Question #14

30 Apr

My process was to have fun with making vine videos, but not over think them. After all it was only a 6 second video. I looked up online how to create a successful vine video and one of the tips I got was to do a versus video, like a my life versus someone else’s life. But the next problem came about, what versus video to do. We had a million things to pick from and even though we ended up doing a video that many have probably already done, it was still original to us. We did many takes, not because we kept laughing or something but because I was not familiar with the Vine app. I took a video we had done and then accidentally erased it from my lack of knowledge with the app. Ive always wanted to make a vine but for some reason i never did it, now I finally have which may cause me to do many more in the future

eJournal Question #13

30 Apr

Usually when I decide to watch a tv show, it is either while I am eating lunch or dinner. It tends to relax me and calm me down or cause me to free my mind. I usually watch shows using Netflix or amazon prime and watch them either on my phone or my computer. I do not know why i choose to watch TV on such a small device like my phone, I guess it gives me the recurrence that i am mobile. When I get into a show I will usually watch more then one episode a day. I am usually sitting on the edge of my seat dying to know what happens next. When that happens I tend to stick with that show till the end.

eJournal Question #12

30 Apr

The first idea that came to my mind was include pictures that i have taken and edited on Instagram. I wanted to single out different seasons. My season that I used for just my Instagram pictures was the season of fall. All the different pictures on the collage have an orange color and a fall feeling to it and they were also taken in the fall. My search brought me back to when I first took these pictures. I was forced to remember where I was at that moment when I had taken this picture. All in all I was pleased at how this project turned out and I was happy to once again portray my Instagram pictures.

eJournal Question #10

30 Apr

When I stumble on a new idea it is usually shown to me form a website or a commercial. The ideas I am often looking for are new videos that I would be able to produce. Whether it be music videos or just s short video, when watching a video I dissecting the techniques used to make such videos. My process sometimes for fixing problems that I have faced, is image what other people would do to make it better. In my case with the videos, I imagine a video that someone else has made and try to incorporate it into my work, when I do not have anymore ideas. Once I am influenced by someone else’s work, I then take charges in my own hands and continue going from my ideas.

eJournal Question #9

30 Apr

For this project I decided to pick the portrait of the more detailed image of myself. The image was in color and I spent more time on this piece. My process was to take a picture of myself and use it for the project so i could trace over it. I did not think it my marks would show up seeing that i used the same tone color that was on my face. As I went across my face, the tone changed going from light to dark color. I was very pleased with the end result. When i looked at it from far away, it actually looked like a real picture to me. You could still see the different patches in the face, but even so there were parts that stood out more then others. The eyes I thought were the most detailed out of the whole face and I was glad it came out so well. I am not afraid to show other people because i am very confident.

eJournal Question #8

5 Mar

Ive always used my phone for talking to people, playing games or other school related but never for drawing. Something that I never thought I would ever use my phone for is drawing, because of the small screen. I quickly found out that it is very doable even for me, a person who is bad at drawing on paper. I do, however, have some limitations. My skill level still seems to be the same as to when I’m drawing on paper. The other problems I have is I tend to get unmotivated with the works of art that I am doing. But most of the drawings that I have done I have enjoyed doing which means my motivation will keep up. All in all, I found mobile arts to be very fun and enjoyable so far. I look forward to many more projects in the future and to see how many skills will develop over time.

eJournal Question #7

5 Mar

The only problem that I have gotten out of this is the color and trying to match the color with the image that I’m drawing. It was tough closely trying to match as I would have to use it, see if it was right and then adjust the color to what seemed to be exact. I’m glad I had this problem because I never would have figured out how to indeed use the exact color that I was tracing. By simply holding down the stylist to he screen an aim tool pops up and can in fact pick the exact color. So in the end of it al,l I did arise a problem but out of the problem I got a solution and a helpful tip to go along with it.

eJournal Question #6

5 Mar

I have never been good at drawing and because of that I never just doodle. But there is something different about using the stylist then a real pencil. I enjoy it more. In a way I have more control with the stylist then an actual pencil for some reason. It took sometime to get used to, but once I got used to it more I really enjoyed the art I could do with the stylist. It also helps that you have all the colors and the exact color that you want in a matter of seconds. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the stylist that I’m using now and the technique that I’m using is right with my level.

eJournal Question #5

5 Mar

Technology is continuously changing each day it seems like and with each new invention, different people are finding out their creative side. Whether it be a new part to a camera or something new with a phone. For me it was the type of apps that I used from time to time. I got introduced to Instagram and when I did I didn’t stop taking pictures. Having the app made a side of me come out that I didn’t know was there. I began to look at the pictures I took differently and figure out which filter looked the best on each. I had so much fun letting people see my creative side that I wasn’t normally used to sharing with people. But there have been many other devices that I have used to express my creative side, Instagram was just one that stood out to me the most and changed how I looked at my photographs that I have taken.

eJournal Question #4

3 Feb

My friends and I would always struggle to contact each other if plans were made. For having a group of 8 to make sure everyone gets a message is hard, until we figured out an app that all of us could use to talk to each other in. It made it easier to make sure everyone was included in the plans we made, and still helps to this day to make sure no one is left out.